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Company Address:
Freigutstrasse 15,
8002 Zürich, Switzerland
Registration Number:
+41 43 817 6932 - 35
+41 43 817 6936
Switzerland Mobile:
+41 79 934 3229
German Mobile:
+49 170 738 0002
  Fuel Oil Storage
  Tank Farm
EastVision was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in May 2002 under the management of Chairman Mr. Feraiduon Razdar – a self-made business entrepreneur who worked nearly 35 years in import and export businesses.

EastVision is known for its powerful strategic alliances and secure market positioning. In a relatively short period of time, it managed to establish itself as one of the credible and reliable representative of various suppliers or act as a classical re-seller of various commodities. The success of the Group is based on exemplary customer service, the wide range of products and services on offer and use of the latest technology.

EastVision holds exclusive Joint Venture Agreements with its suppliers for Cement, Sugar, Bitumen, Sulphur, Iron Ore, Urea, Wood Pellets, Precious Metals, Construction Equipment’s, various Oil Products, Modular Construction and in partnership with the manufacturer of Oil Storage Tanker and Installation of Tanker System worldwide.

EastVision has been working as a free-lancer for a Russian enterprise for the past few years and transacted agreements for sales of oil and other raw materials. EastVision was able to establish numerous contacts and made a name as a reliable partner supplier.

EastVision EastVision clients include the most established corporations from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Japan and Middle East Countries. We build strong personal and professional relationships with our customers and many of them have been with us since the very beginning of our operation. We also approach our customers with team spirit, thus reinforcing our services by continuously covering more of their needs.

Feraiduon Razdar
Chairman of the Board
Together with its highly experienced management team, EastVision is one of the few general trading companies with a proud track-record of performances.
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